Stable Mix G.I. Stable-ez Supplement

Stable Mix G.I. Stable-ez Supplement
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    A highly palatable, pelletized probiotic supplement combined with prebiotics to benefit the overall health of your horse...

    Brought to you by The Horse Feed Specialists TM at Elk Grove Milling, Inc.

    Feeding a PROBIOTIC either as a daily supplement or during changes in routine, can help support your horse's microbial populations. A healthy hind gut allows for better immune defenses, better digestion of feedstuffs with increased fermentation, and many more benefits.

    By combining a probiotic with a prebiotic, not only does your horse's digestive system benefit from actual microbes being introduced but they are also accompanied by a fiber compound that stimulates growth or activity of good bacteria.

    Feeding G.I. Stable-ez will reduce the smell of ammonia in the horses urine.